Blog Leader Element in Crocal

This element was specifically created for the needs of any Blog theme. Select between the Classic and the Crocal style, define the number of the posts, categories and many more.


Number of Posts: Select the number of posts you want to display.
Image Mode: Select your Blog Image Mode among Landscape Small Crop, Resize (Large), Resize (Medium Large) and Resize (Medium).
Excerpt Length: Type how many words you want to display in your post excerpts.
CSS Animation: Select your type of animation if you want this element to be animated when it enters into the browser’s viewport. Note: It works only in modern browsers.
Read More: It adds a read more button after the excerpt or more quicktag.
Order By: Select the way you want to display you post among Date, Last Modified Date, Number of comments, Title, Author and Random.
Order: Select if you wish your order post to be Descending or Ascending.
Bottom Margin: You can use px, em, %, etc. or enter just number and it will use pixels.
Extra Class Name: If you wish to style particular content element differently, then use this field to add a class name and then refer to it in your css file.

Titles and Styles

Leader Style: Select your post Leader style between Classic and Crocal.
Post Title Tag: 
Select your Post Title Tag for SEO.
Post Title Size/Typography: Select your Post Title size and typography, defined in Theme Options – Typography Options.


Hide Author: If you selected it, the blog overview will not show the author.
Hide Date: If you selected it, the blog overview will not show the date.
Hide Comments: If you selected it, the blog overview will not show the comments.
Hide Like: If you selected it, the blog overview will not show the like.


Exclude Posts: Type the post ids you want to exclude separated by comma ( , ).
Categories: Select all or multiple categories.
Include Specific Posts: Type the post ids you want to include separated by comma ( , ).  If you define specific post ids, Exclude Posts and Categories will have no effect.

You can also discover two more Blog elements. The Blog and the Blog Carousel.

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