Change column order on mobile

If you need to change the order of your columns in a specific row of your Fildisi website, you can achieve it via a CSS snippet. Firstly you need to add the “row-mobile-order” class name, for example, in your row under Wrapper class name. Also, add the “column-order1” class name […]

Privacy Custom Blocking

Additionally, we have added custom blocking options that can be set by the Privacy/Cookies Options and have the ability to control your content by column. All you have to do is to create some custom blocking IDs. For this example we have a set a blocking ID named custom-ID.   […]

Instagram Feed Removal

We inform you that we are going to remove Instagram Feed from Euthemians themes as a result of the Instagram Legacy API Platform shut down on 31st of March 2020. Effects in WordPress Themes This will affect all WordPress themes. As access tokens depend on this system to connect, the […]

Fonts not displayed correctly

If you serve fonts files from different domains, fonts might not displayed correctly due to Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS). More info about CORS here: Chrome, Firefox and newer versions of Internet Explorer enforce the Cross-Origin Resource Sharing standard, and thus only render web fonts served with the appropriate “Access-Control-Allow-Origin” […]

Breadcrumbs in Crocal

Crocal Theme provides a built-in functionality for Breadcrumbs. You can enable them via Appearance > Theme Options > Page Options / Blog Options (Single Post Settings) / Portfolio options / Woocommerce Options (Single Product Settings) > Breadcrumbs Bar Settings respectively, depending on where you want them to appear. In case you want something more advanced, […]

Crocal & Site Performance

Site Performance Let’s clarify some general things that many users just ignore about any site performance. First and most important, the major factors that affect site speed are server configuration and image optimisation – related. Server optimisation is a tricky thing to achieve. We are still trying to optimise ours.  […]

Header Styles and Logos (Default-Light-Dark)

Besides the Header layouts and possibilities, Crocal comes with 3 different header styles in order to cover any need. You can style, add logos and use any of the 3 following headers: Default Header:  Style this under Appearance > Customize > Colors – Header/Menu > Colors – Default Header Place […]

Maintenance Mode/Coming Soon in Crocal

Crocal offers a custom Maintenance mode/Coming Soon page option. You will find it under Appearance > Theme Options > Utilities > Coming Soon. All you have to do is to enable the Enable Coming Soon tab and then choose whether you want to have a content only or a full page […]

Google Maps in Crocal

New Google Maps rules from June 2018 and big changes to the way they allow the use of their API. The most important change is that you must add a credit card in their API. Besides that, there are also specific limits for free use. Please check these related articles – […]

On Scroll Effect in Crocal

How to set up another unique option in Crocal WordPress theme by Euthemians. Define color, opacity and other settings in your rows while scrolling. It is the unique effect we demonstrate on Crocal Intro page –