Theme Options blank in AWS Lightsail (NEW)

WordPress environments hosted on AWS Lightsail experience compatibility issues with Redux Framework v4. It appears that there is a shortcut or symlink between the paths /opt/bitnami/wordpress/wp-content and /bitnami/wordpress/wp-content. A similar issue is documented in Bitnami’s GitHub repository here. We recently updated the options framework from v3 to v4. Redux 4 […]

Contact Forms in WeShop

Our customers’ feedback and need is always one of our priorities. So, in WeShop, we created a custom element concerning contact forms. You can stylish your contact form as you wish. To be more specific, there are two elements for the Contact Form 7.   1. Contact Form 7 As […]

How to use WeShop Elementor Library

Do you just need specific Elementor blocks or pages from WeShop demos to create your site? Do you just need to import a few pages to get a simple understanding of how the theme works and what certain elements and functions have to offer for you? WeShop offers the option […]

WeShop Installation

Before all else, you must set up a WordPress version on your server. After downloading the package, you will have the “” file inside the Theme package. You can either choose to upload the Theme to your server via ftp (just upload the folder “WeShop” into the folder wp-content/themes) or […]

Custom Modals in WeShop

You can easily create custom modals (popups) in WeShop via Area items. Let’s see how: Firstly, create the Area item with the content you need for your modal. After this, you can create a modal in two different ways. You can create a global modal or modal on a page. […]

Responsive Menu in WeShop

With WeShop you can assign a different menu as your responsive menu under Appearance > Menus. Many users need fewer menu items on mobiles so this feature is pretty helpful. In case you will not assign a separate responsive menu, you will get the default menu. So, if you don’t need […]

Design your Footers in WeShop

There are two different ways to design your Footer in WeShop. More specifically: WeShop provides multiple footer layouts that you can choose from. You can select various column layouts or have a single column if you wish. Go to Theme Options > Theme & Header Options > Bottom/Footer Areas to build your footer. […]

Usage of Area Items for custom Mega Menus

This is another new & amazing feature in WeShop. You can design and develop any custom mega menu with no restrictions and without any extra plugins. Use the flexibility of the Area items and place any of them in the drop-down mega menu item. Let’s see how simple is this.

The Top Bar Area in WeShop

With WeShop Theme you can customize the Top Bar as you wish under Theme Options > Theme & Header Options > Top Bar Options. For starters, you can either have or not have it active, depending on how you like your website. Let’s see the possibilities you have with the […]

Area Items in WeShop

Area Item is a custom post type that can be used in several theme components. You can add the content you need and place any of WeShop’s handcrafted elements. You can simply create and edit the Area Items just like pages. You can create new Area Items from Area Items > Add […]