Design your Footers in WeShop

There are two different ways to design your Footer in WeShop.

  1. You can create the content of your Footer via Area Item. Then, define which Area Item you will use for your footer under Theme Options > Theme & Header Options > Bottom/Footer Areas if you want to set it globally, or under in-Page Options > Bottom Footer Areas inside specific pages.
  2. You can use Footer Widgets. Firstly, you add widgets in the Footer sidebars you want to use under Appearance > Widgets. Then, you enable Footer Widgets Visibility under Theme Options > Theme & Header Options > Bottom/Footer Areas. 

More specifically:

WeShop provides multiple footer layouts that you can choose from. You can select various column layouts or have a single column if you wish. Go to Theme Options > Theme & Header Options > Bottom/Footer Areas to build your footer.

Sticky Areas: Select if you want to make sticky these areas (Bottom Area and Footer).
Add Shadow: Select if you want your footer to have inner shadow.
Bottom Bar Area Item: Select the Area Item you wish to use in the Bottom Area. For more details about the Area Items, check this article.

Background Mode: Select the background of your footer either a color or an image.
Footer Widgets Visibility: You can enable/disable the visibility of your widgets area in the footer.
Footer Column Layout: Select the footer column layout
Footer Full-Width: Select if you wish to have a full-width footer area or not.
Footer Top Padding: Add footer top padding if you need.
Footer Bottom Padding: Set footer bottom padding if you need.

Footer Widgets in WeShop
Footer Widgets in WeShop

Footer Bar Visibility: You can enable/disable the footer bar visibility to add text (copyright), bottom menu and socials.
Footer Bar Full-Width: You can select if you want a full-width footer bar area.
Footer Bar Center: Choose the footer bar elements to be centered.
Footer Copyright Visibility: Enable/disable the footer copyright visibility.
Copyright Text: You can type your copyright text or anything else you want.
Second Footer Area: This is the second position in the Footer Bar Area. You can easily add the Bottom Menu(assigned in Appearance > Menus), socials or text. In Text you can add content shortcode too.

Footer Bar options in WeShop

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