Area Items in WeShop

Area Item is a custom post type that can be used in several theme components. You can add the content you need and place any of WeShop’s handcrafted elements. You can simply create and edit the Area Items just like pages. You can create new Area Items from Area Items > Add […]

Custom Modals in WeShop

You can easily create custom modals (popups) in WeShop via Area items. Let’s see how: Firstly, create the Area item with the content you need for your modal. After this, you can create a modal in two different ways. You can create a global modal or modal on a page. […]

Responsive Menu in WeShop

With WeShop you can assign a different menu as your responsive menu under Appearance > Menus. Many users need fewer menu items on mobiles so this feature is pretty helpful. In case you will not assign a separate responsive menu, you will get the default menu. So, if you don’t need […]

Design your Footers in WeShop

There are two different ways to design your Footer in WeShop. More specifically: WeShop provides multiple footer layouts that you can choose from. You can select various column layouts or have a single column if you wish. Go to Theme Options > Theme & Header Options > Bottom/Footer Areas to build your footer. […]

Classic Menu System Settings in WeShop

WeShop comes with predefined menu positions, up to 3 are positioned in the header area (Header Menus), two in the TopBar positions (left and right), the Slide Header Menu, and the other in the copyright area (Footer Menu). To set up your custom menus simply: Mega Menu Built-in System You […]

Feature Section Map in WeShop

In this section, you can add the Google map you need with multiple points, custom or full-screen height. Firstly, you can define your options for the feature section and secondly, your preferences for the map. More precisely: Feature Size: You can select the size of the feature title between Full […]

Google Maps in WeShop

New Google Maps rules from June 2018 and big changes to the way they allow the use of their API. The most important change is that you must add a credit card to their API. Besides that, there are also specific limits for free use. Please check these related articles […]

Single Product Options in WeShop

Here, we are going to describe the options you have to create a product page. Below, we explain each field one by one: Product Options Header/Main Menu  Header overlapping: Select if you wish or not to overlap your page header. Of course, you can just leave the inherit option to get […]

Feature Section Slider in WeShop

You will be amazed by the possibilities of this element. Firstly, you can define the height of the section,  its background color and if you wish to place it above or below your header. Afterwards, you can set your preferences for the slider element which will really impress you. You […]