Image sizes in Crocal

Below you can see the default image sizes from the functions.php file. Anyone can change these settings under Theme Options > Utilities > Media Options > Media Sizes and use the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin in order to recreate the image sizes. This is an option that offers to any user […]

Translations and WPML in Crocal

Crocal also offers multiple predefined positions for the language switcher, in the top bar of our Theme and in the Menu Elements, just beside the menu. Additionally, if you need to adjust a custom language switcher there is a specific reference in here. Conclusion Undoubtedly, Euthemians team recommends the usage of WPML […]

Sliding Area in Crocal

The Sliding Area feature is an extra hidden sidebar area at the right of the site. It can be used in order to have the widgets of the Sidebar area you select via Appearance > Widgets. The main concept behind this is the quick access to useful information. Moreover, you […]

Feature Section Map

In this section, you can add the Google you need with multiple points, custom or full-screen height. Firstly, you can define your options for the feature section and secondly, your preferences for the map. More precisely: Feature Size: You can select the size of the feature title between Full Screen […]

Feature Section Revolution Slider

Here, you can set your preferences for the revolution slider element. You can choose to place it either above the header or below it. Then, select which one Revolution Slider you wish to use once, of course, you have already created.  

Feature Section Slider

You will be amazed by the possibilities of this element. Firstly, you can define the height of the section,  its background color and if you wish to place it above or below your header. Afterwards, you can set your preferences for the slider element which will really impress you. You […]

Feature Section Video

Crocal never stops to impress you. In the video section, you have the possibility to upload your files in three different formats (WebM, MP4, OGV). You can place it above or below your site header and choose among endless possibilities that Crocal offers you. You can set your prefered color, […]

Feature Section Image

Another amazing element for the feature section in Crocal. Upload your hero background image and define its size, custom or full screen. Place it below or above your site header and move on to the other endless possibilities and settings. Add title and description, set your color preferences, add buttons with […]

Feature Section Title

When the page title possibilities aren’t enough, simple or advanced users can take the advantage that the feature title element offers. They can add a title and a description in custom height or full screen, above or below the header. Furthermore, the users have the full control of font colors, semantic rules, […]

Portfolio Options in Crocal

To create a Portfolio Item, go to: Portfolio > Add New Add a title Add some content (you can use Visual Composer) Add description for the title Add more details for the sidebar Add categories and item fields (extra info in a list style) Upload a featured image for your […]