Classic Menu System Settings in WeShop

WeShop comes with predefined menu positions, up to 3 are positioned in the header area (Header Menus), two in the TopBar positions (left and right), the Slide Header Menu, and the other in the copyright area (Footer Menu).
To set up your custom menus simply:

  1. Go to Appearance > Menus.
  2. Enter your menu name.
  3. Click the Create Menu button.
  4. Add items to your menu by using the widgets on the left side.
  5. Save your menu.
  6. Click Manage Locations.
  7. Attach it to the location you prefer (Header Menu, Responsive Menu, Top Left Menu, Top Right Menu, Slide Header Menu, Footer Menu) and save again!

Mega Menu Built-in System

You can easily convert any submenu you want into the Mega Menu by selecting from the drop-down menu the columns you need for your mega menu. Check the picture below on how to set a mega menu with 3 columns.

Mega Menu in WeShop premium WP theme

You can also add a custom Mega Menu using Area Item.

How to create a Button Menu Item

You can easily create colored menu buttons with the wording you want in any menu item of your menu. You can set the colors you prefer, primary colors are included, for the background and the hover color.

Menu button style in WeShop

How to create a Labeled Menu Item

You can easily create labels with the wording you want in any menu item of your menu. Just add in the label text field the text you need and you are ready to go! See the picture below.

Menu Label text in WeShop

How to add Icons in the Menu Items

In the same easy way, you can add icons to your menu items. Select any icon from the Font Awesome Icons as you can see in the image below:

Menu icons in WeShop premium theme

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