Create One Page navigation with WeShop

With WeShop, you can have easily create a one-page site. To create such a site please do as follows.

  1. Add HTML anchor (e.g., idname1) in the Blocks you want to use in your menu. For Elementor, add CSS ID in the Section settings, Advanced tab.
  2. Create a menu in the usual way (Appearance > Menus).
  3. Add as menu items the custom links you need. For example,
  4. Save the menu and use it by selecting it from Appearance > Menus in the Header Position or from the Page Options > Header / Main Menu > Main Navigation Menu of the page.

Set the Home Button in the One-Page version

You can set a home button (with the behavior of the back-to-top button) by creating a custom link with the following URL: #eutf-goto-header.

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