Custom Modals in WeShop

You can easily create custom modals (popups) in WeShop via Area items. Let’s see how:

Firstly, create the Area item with the content you need for your modal.

After this, you can create a modal in two different ways. You can create a global modal or modal on a page.

You will find the first option under WeShop > Global Modals.

  1. Add a unique name Modal ID (for example idname1)
  2. Choose the Modal Mode
  3. Pick the Area Item you want to use as modal
  4. Select if you want to trigger modal on load.

If you want to add a modal on a specific page then you should create it under Page Options > Modals on this specific page in the same way.

Modals Options in WeShop
Modals Options in WeShop

Last, in any element with a link (button, menu item etc) you can trigger this modal by:

  • Adding as link the #idname (for example #idname1) in the URL

So easily 🙂

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