Custom Widgets in Crocal

Besides the support that Crocal¬†provides for the default widgets, it also offers 8 custom and useful widgets for anyone to use. Let’s see these briefly:

Contact Info: You can display your contact info(name, email, address etc) with this widget.

Instagram Feed: Place the instagram username to get the images.

Latest Portfolio: Showcase in a widget your latest portfolio items, select categories and number of items.

Social Networking: Multiple style options and several socials for you.

Image Banner: Useful widget to add an image with link, a banner you need.

Latest Comments: Define the number of the latest comments from your Blog.

Latest Posts: Show the latest posts from your Blog.

Sticky Widget: Place this widget into any sidebar area, just above the widget which you want to be the first sticky widget element.

Custom Widgets in Crocal
Custom Widgets in Crocal

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