Single Portfolio Item Creation in Corpus

To create a Portfolio Item, go to:

  1. Portfolio > Add New
  2. Add a title
  3. Add some content (you can use Visual Composer)
  4. Add description for the title
  5. Add more details for the sidebar
  6. Add categories and item fields(extra info in a list style)
  7. Upload a featured image for your item

These are the basic settings you need to promote a work item in a very simple way. Furthermore, just below the editor, Corpus provides for the portfolio items the same settings (besides the possibility of an anchor menu) with the single pages. Finally, you can set some more advanced options for your portfolio media. Let’s see them briefly:

This is when you simply want only one image for your item (in overview and single view).

Add the images you prefer and you’ll have a gallery for your item.

Add the images you prefer and you’ll have a vertical gallery for your item.


Add the images you prefer and you’ll get a slider presentation for your item.


Add the video you prefer from YouTube/Vimeo and you’ll have it in the media section.

HTML5 Video

You can also add (after upload it) an HTML5 Video.


That means you disable the media and you prefer to use the feature section or the builder or simply no media.

Notice that you can define the image size you prefer for each one of your portfolio featured images for the Masonry Portfolio overview.

This is an extra functionality that Corpus offers and works in combination with the portfolio element (via the Visual Composer). If you choose the Custom Link Type in the portfolio element, you can define the link mode for each one of your portfolio items individually. So, select among:

  1. Portfolio Item — links to the single item page
  2. Custom Link — set the custom link you prefer
  3. None — no link option

Feature Section

Last but not least, you can use the Feature Section in your single portfolio items just like in pages. That means you can add the following elements above the portfolio title : Title (custom), Image, Video, Slider, Revolution Slider or Map. Either in full screen mode or with custom height.

In portfolio overviews only featured images will be displayed. It means that you should always use a featured image in your items for creating appealing portfolios.

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