WeShop Gutenberg Blocks

WeShop is not just fully compatible with the Gutenberg editor. It also offers 19 handmade blocks to add to your pages, posts, portfolio items, or a different post type. The new WordPress editor is a good choice for simple designs and fast websites. Of course, we might extend these Gutenberg blocks. 🙂

WeShop Gutenberg blocks
Blog Elements

The Blog element is undoubtedly one of the most important elements which most users will probably use. Based on that fact, WeShop really offers multiple options for this element.
There are two separate elements to showcase your posts, Grid and Carousel layout.
Moreover, there is the Blog Leader Element which was specifically created for the needs of any Blog theme. Select between the Classic and the WeShop style, define the number of posts, categories, and many more.

Products Elements

You can display your WooCommerce products in multiple styles. There are two separate elements to showcase your products, Grid and Carousel layout. You will find the Product Element and the Product Carousel Element.

Testimonial Elements

This element creates a nice slider out of your testimonials items. Go to Testimonial > Testimonial Items and create your testimonials. Afterwards, add the testimonial element and define the various settings like categories, speed, navigation, and more. Also, another element is the Testimonial Carousel you get the same options more or less with a carousel layout.

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