Create One Page navigation with Zuperla

With Zuperla, you can have easily a one-page site. To create such a site please do as follows.

  1. Add Section IDs (e.g., idname1) in Rows you want to use in your menu.
  2. Create a menu with the usual way (Appearance > Menus).
  3. Add as menu items the custom links you need. For example,
  4. Save the menu and use it by selecting it from Appearance > Menus in the Header Position or from the Page Options > Header / Main Menu > Main Navigation Menu of the page.

In the exact same way, you can create one such menu for the Anchor Menu.

Set the Home Button in One-Page version

You can set a home button (with the behaviour of the back-to-top button) by creating a custom link with the following URL: #eut-goto-header.

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