Important Info for Corpus

WordPress Minimum Requirements

Corpus is  a Premium WP Theme, and such as, it is more needy in terms of resources in comparison to a simple WP Theme. Of course, this applies to any Premium Theme out there and not only for Corpus. So to make sure we have covered the basics please ensure that  you fullfill the minimum recommended php requirements shown at the following article: Recommended Server Settings – Memory issues.

Theme Update – A necessity

Not only for your own security, but also so you can make sure that your Theme will always work flawlessly, you should  always be updated in both Theme & required plugins. Proper way of doing so can be found at the following article: How to update Corpus and its plugins. We constantly improve our Theme with new features and follow the latest compatability requirements of WordPress.

Have a question? Open a support ticket!

Have you studied our knowledge base and you still in doubt? Open a ticket in our Support forum! Our friendly and dedicated team will be glad to help you. Please do not open tickets in the public comments area of ThemeForest, since this is an area that we do not provide support. It is only meant for pre-sale questions.

Please refer to this article to see what is and what is not included in the item Support policy.

Corpus Demo Data Importer – A powerful tool

You watch our live demo, you really like what you see. At a moment you are thinking “how the heck am I gonna do a similar layout” ? Luckily, we have the answer. With the Demo Importer plugin you can have our whole demo, layout & settings to replicate what you see live. This is a very good way to correlate what is what fooling around with the settings. We always recommend to our customers to import our demo in a crystal clear installation to fully grasp the possibilities that our Theme offers.

Due to copyright/legal issues we do not provide the photos of our live demo. Instead of them you will find dummy images.

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