Feature Section Elements

You can use the Feature Section in your single posts and pages with the same way.
Anemos gives you the chance to add one of five following special elements. You can select among:

  1. Title
  2. Image
  3. Slider (on the fly creation)
  4. Video
  5. Google Map

Follow the guidelines to set up the Feature Element of your choice. In addition, it’s worth trying your site’s Header under the Feature section in any post you like. This way you can create posts of totally different style.
Finally, you can define the height of your feature section. Choose a full-width section or specify the height you prefer in percentage. In general, you are able to add various Effects in the Feature section elements.

You can enable/disable the Feature Section for each one of the custom post types (Pages, Posts) in Theme Options > Miscellaneous > Feature Section Post Types.

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