Feature Section Map

In this section, you can add the Google you need with multiple points, custom or full-screen height. Firstly, you can define your options for the feature section and secondly, your preferences for the map.

More precisely:

Feature Size: You can select the size of the feature title between Full Screen and Custom Size. With the Custom Size option, you have the possibility to adjust the feature height.

Feature/Header Position: You have the option either the header to be shown above the feature section or below it. Header above feature or Header below Feature.

Background Color: You can choose one of the background colors given (transparent, gradient, dark, light, primary 1 to 6) or customize it by yourself by selecting the custom option.

Bottom Separator: A large variety is given to you to choose among. If you do not wish to use a separator you can select None.

Map Settings
Single Point Zoom: Here, you can define your single point zoom.

Global Marker Type: Select your type among Image, Pulse Dot Icon and Dot Icon.

Global Marker: Here, you can upload your image for your marker.

Disable Custom Style: Here, you can select if you want to disable the custom style or not.

Add Map Points: You can insert points to your map.


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