How to update Anemos and its required plugins

Keep in mind that we provide lifetime updates and dedicated support in order to have no problems with the new versions of WP. Besides that, Anemos offers new features in every new release. So please, stay updated.

How update Anemos Theme with 1-click

Following the new Envato API and the official solution for updating items purchased on the market we recommend the usage of the Envato Market Plugin. Check on this related article how to set-up and use the Envato Market plugin for the automatic updates.

How to update Anemos (old-school method)

This is the old-school method for the updates of Anemos.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Deactivate Anemos – (activate one of the WP themes like Fourteen)
  2. Delete Anemos
  3. Upload and install the new version of Anemos, then activate it.
  4. If you won’t get an info message prompting you to update one or both of the required plugins of Anemos (WPBakery Page Builder and Anemos Extension) you’re ready.

In case you prompt to update any or both of the required plugins (WPBakery Page Builder and Anemos Extension and/or Anemos Extension)

  1. Click on Updating Plugins
  2. Check these plugins and Update
  3. You’re ready to go!


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