Side Area Feature in WeShop

The Side Area feature is an extra hidden sidebar area at the right top of the site. It can be used in order to have the widgets of the Sidebar area you select via Appearance > Widgets. The main concept behind this is the quick access to useful information. Moreover, you are able to enable it globally per custom post type and override it per single custom post type. For example, you can enable the Side area with your preferable Sidebar globally for your pages in Theme Options > Page Options and then, on a specific page, you may disable it or select a different Sidebar area just for this page. This is our philosophy 🙂

Side Area in Theme Options WeShop
Side Area in-Page Options WeShop

You can find the same options in Theme Options > Blog Options/WooCommerce Options.

All the available options for the Side Area (color settings) are configurable under Customize > Colors – Side Area.

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