Translation & WPML Multilingual Plugin

Corpus is WPML ready in case you need it. We also offer one predefined position for the language selector, in the top bar of our Theme (if it’s enabled). Alternatively, you can add it in the header menu. So you’re able to easily use the WPML without deforming the basic theme style.

Purchasing and Installing WPML

If you finally decide to use WPML (the most famous multilingual WP Plugin) you can purchase it from here. After installing and activating both Corpus and WPML you can find a getting started guide in Getting started with WPML.

How to set and translate main features of Corpus

  1. Using translation management. Read more details
  2. Translation Management & Features. Read more details
  3. Translating URL slugs. Read more details

How to translate strings coming from Corpus

  1. How to scan the strings of Corpus. Read more details
  2. How to translate the strings of Corpus. Read more details

WPML language switcher and Corpus

Corpus also offers predefined position for the language switcher, in the top bar of our Theme. Additionally, you can add the language switcher in the header menu or if you need to adjust a custom language switcher. There is a specific reference in here.


Undoubtedly, Euthemians team recommends the usage of WPML with Corpus if you wish to make your WP site runs multilingual with the easiest and safest way.

How to translate the strings without WPML

First of all, we recommend to use the PO Edit to edit and/or translate the static strings of Corpus. When you install it follow the steps below:

  1. Go to /corpus/languages/ folder, open the .pot file and generate the po/mo files in your language.
  2. Translate the strings in your language into the “Translation” column.
  3. Click to save the file when you finish the translation. Then one .mo file will be created in the same directory.
  4. Upload these 2 files in /corpus/languages/ folder.
  5. Finally, you need to go to Settings > General and at the bottom of this page select your preferred language.
Note: Keep in mind that you do not need to translate all the theme’s strings, you can freely choose what to translate.

Interested in translating a language for Corpus?

We would be grateful if you could help us translating Corpus in multiple languages. If your language isn’t included in Corpus and you translate it on your own, we’d really appreciate it if you could send it to us. In addition, we will include it in the next update of Corpus, so you won’t have to re-upload it. Finally, this will also help out many other users of Corpus.

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