Full Demo Import with WeShop

With WeShop you have the possibility to import any of the demos with just ONE click. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Install and activate the required plugin WeShop Demo Importer
  2. Go to WeShop Demos in the WP Dashboard
  3. Select the demo you wish to import.
  4. Click Explore Demo to select the content you wish to import.
  5. Scroll down to locate the Import Full Demo option
  6. Select if you need to import Dummy Content, Theme Options, Widgets and/or images of the live demo and click on the Import Full Demo button
  7. Have Fun!

Important Notes:

  1. The import process will work best on a clean installation. You can use a plugin such as WordPress Reset to clear your data first.
  2. Ensure all needed plugins for the specific demo are already installed and activated, e.g. WeShop Core Extension, Gutenberg Extension, Contact Form 7, etc.
  3. Keep in mind not to run the importer twice without clearing your data first. You might end up with duplicate data e.g duplicate menu items and/or widgets.
  4. Once you start the process, please leave it running and uninterrupted! After the import, a status will be displayed with the results!

If you get a message that “An unexpected error occurred” only a few seconds after the start of the import process and at the same time you have the ImageMagick library enabled (check under WeShop > Status > Server Environment), then download, install and activate the default to GD plugin – https://github.com/getsource/default-to-gd. This plugin sets GD as the default WP_Image_Editor class for WordPress and in most cases can help with the images import. In any other case, just open a ticket and we will help you asap :).

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